Residential and Commercial Moves

Google Ads Campaign Development


High Competition: The moving market is highly competitive, especially in large urban centers like São Paulo.

Capturing Qualified Leads: It was crucial to not only attract a high volume of clicks, but to ensure that these clicks came from potential customers who were truly interested in moving services.

Efficient Budget: The campaign needed to be economically viable, maximizing ROI (return on investment) with careful use of the advertising budget.


Strategic Keywords: Quatro Rios carried out detailed keyword research to identify high-value terms that could attract the right target audience, focusing on specific terms such as “residential moving São Paulo” and “reliable commercial moving”.

Ad Targeting and Personalization: The campaign was carefully segmented to target users at different stages of the conversion funnel, with personalized ads that spoke directly to each segment’s needs and concerns.

Continuous Optimization: The agency implemented a continuous optimization process, adjusting bids and ads based on performance to ensure budget efficiency and improve results over time.

With this approach, Transpenha saw a significant increase in click-through rates (CTR) and lead conversion, resulting in notable growth in business from the online campaign. Quatro Rios demonstrated its ability to overcome competitive market challenges and execute a highly effective Google Ads campaign for Transpenha.


Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing


Differentiation in the Market: Transpenha needed to stand out in a saturated market.

Audience Engagement: The company sought to improve engagement with its target audience on social media.

Consumer Education: There was a need to educate customers about the switching process and the quality of services offered.


Customized Content: Quatro Rios created customized content, including change tips, customer success stories and behind-the-scenes information about the company, to humanize the brand and build trust.

Interactive Campaigns: Interactive campaigns were launched, such as photo contests for the most organized change, encouraging user participation and increasing organic reach.

Educational Materials: Educational videos and articles were produced, explaining the best practices for packing and unpacking, safety and moving checklists, positioning Transpenha as an authority on the subject.