Porthos International

Foreign trade

Website development

Challenge: Porthos International, a renowned foreign trade company, came to us with a challenge: update its digital presence and develop a website that reflects the quality, security and efficiency of its services on the global stage.

Solution: Quatro Rios, with its vast experience in digital marketing, delved into the world of foreign trade to understand all the needs and particularities of this market. From a detailed study, we defined the structure, design and functionalities of the new website.


Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy

Challenge: Porthos International, a leader in foreign trade solutions, realized the need to strengthen its brand and digital presence in the world of social networks. The challenge was to create a robust strategy that represented its excellence and innovation in the global market.

Solution: The Quatro Rios team, specialized in digital marketing, proposed a two-pronged approach: social media management and content marketing.

Results: In just a few months, Porthos International saw its social media followers grow exponentially, with a significant increase in engagement and interactions. The blog became a reference for professionals in the field, and the rich materials produced generated a constant flow of new qualified leads for the company.

Internal Marketing Strategy for Porthos International

Challenge: In a market as competitive and complex as foreign trade, Porthos International understood that, to continue growing and innovating, it needed to not only look outward, but also inward. The company came to us with a specific challenge: engaging and motivating its employees through a solid internal marketing strategy.

Solution: Quatro Rios, with its multifaceted experience in digital marketing, accepted the challenge and created a comprehensive internal marketing plan to strengthen the organizational culture and strengthen ties between Porthos International employees.