OrangeFox Group

Consulting and Technological Distribution

Website development

Challenge: The OrangeFox Group, a reference in technology consultancy and distribution, approached Quatro Rios with a clear demand: to create a website that represented the innovation and efficiency of its services, and that served as a reliable platform for your customers and partners.

Solution: Aware of the importance of a strong digital presence in the technology sector, our team dove headfirst into the OrangeFox universe. Understanding your values, goals and target audience, we outline the structure, design and features for the new website.


Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy

Challenge: In a scenario of constant technological evolution, the OrangeFox Group realized the need to solidify its digital presence and strengthen its relationship with its audience through social networks and relevant content. The challenge was to not just create a presence, but to make it meaningful, educational and engaging.

Solution: Quatro Rios, with its expertise in digital marketing, developed a dual social media and content marketing strategy adapted to the specificities of the technological sector and the needs of the OrangeFox Group.

Results: In a matter of months, the OrangeFox Group saw its social media follower base grow exponentially. Engagement with the public, measured by interactions, shares and comments, soared. "Tech Insights" has become a trusted source of information for technology professionals and enthusiasts, and the rich materials have generated a broad list of qualified leads.

Internal Marketing Strategy

Challenge: The OrangeFox Group, recognized for its outstanding performance in technology consultancy and distribution, identified an internal challenge: increasing its team's engagement and alignment with the company's mission and vision. In a constantly evolving market, it was essential to ensure that all employees were motivated and aligned with organizational goals.

Solution: With in-depth knowledge of digital and engagement strategies, Quatro Rios developed a tailor-made internal marketing campaign for the OrangeFox Group.