One Seguros

Insurance and Consulting

Website development


Complexity of Content: The content related to insurance and health plans is intrinsically complex and full of technical jargon. The challenge was to simplify this communication without losing the precision of the information.
Intuitive navigation: Potential One Seguros customers might not be familiar with complex digital navigation, which required a simplified interface.
SEO optimization: To ensure a strong online presence, it was necessary to implement SEO strategies that would position the One Seguros website among the first search results.
Integration of functionalities: One Seguros needed specific functionalities, such as insurance calculators, contact forms and integration with CRM systems.


Design e Redação Focados no Usuário: A Quatro Rios utilizou uma combinação de design intuitivo com redação clara e direta, garantindo que os usuários pudessem entender facilmente os serviços oferecidos.
Estrutura de Navegação Simplificada: Foi criado um menu intuitivo, com categorização clara dos serviços, permitindo que os usuários encontrassem rapidamente o que procuravam.
SEO Avançado: Trabalhou-se em palavras-chave estratégicas e na produção de conteúdo relevante para melhorar o ranking do site nos motores de busca.
Desenvolvimento de Ferramentas Personalizadas: Desenvolveram-se ferramentas interativas como calculadoras de planos e seguros, além de formulários de contato otimizados para a geração de leads.

Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing


Audience Segmentation: Identify and reach One Seguros' specific target audience, which includes both individuals and companies looking for insurance advice.
Specialized Content: Creating content that was both informative and engaging, overcoming the complexity of insurance jargon.
Brand Consistency: Maintaining a consistent brand voice and image across multiple social media platforms.
ROI measurement: Establish clear metrics to measure the return on investment of social media and content marketing strategies.


Detailed Research and Segmentation: Quatro Rios carried out in-depth research to identify the most valuable audience segments and developed customer personas to target content effectively.
Editorial Calendar and Targeted Content: A strategic editorial calendar was created that aligned periodic publications with relevant themes and important dates in the insurance sector. It used accessible language to uncomplicate technical terms and generate greater engagement.
Unifying the Visual Identity: A set of brand guidelines was developed to ensure a consistent visual and tonal identity across all platforms.
Data-Based Analysis and Adjustment: An analysis system was implemented to monitor engagement and conversion metrics, adjusting strategies in real time to optimize results.

Endomarketing Strategy

Employee engagement: One Seguros faced a challenge common to many organizations: how to keep employees informed, motivated and aligned with the company's mission.
Fragmented internal communication: There were gaps in internal communication, resulting in inconsistent messages and employees uninformed about company updates.
Talent Recognition and Retention: The company wanted to improve its recognition system to retain talent and reduce turnover.
Alignment of Values: It was necessary to ensure that all employees understood and incorporated One Seguros' values into their daily activities.

Customized Engagement Programs: Quatro Rios developed engagement programs that included interactive activities, workshops and events to strengthen the team and encourage collaboration.
Improved internal communication: A more robust internal communication platform was implemented to unify messages and ensure that all employees received updates in real time.
Rewards and Recognition System: A reward system was created that valued individual and collective contributions, encouraging excellence and loyalty to the company.
Training and Culture Development: Regular training sessions were organized to reinforce the company's values and ensure that each employee understood their role in the collective success.