Dutra Seguros

Health Insurance Consulting

Website development

Challenge: Operating with excellence in the health insurance consultancy market, Dutra Seguros recognized the need to renew its digital presence to reflect the values of trust and security that have always guided its work. The challenge proposed to Quatro Rios was to develop a website that, as well as being modern, was informative and provided an exemplary user experience.

Solution: The Quatro Rios team, with in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and web development, rolled up their sleeves to create a website that lived up to Dutra Seguros' reputation.

Results: With the implementation of the new website, Dutra Seguros experienced a significant increase in the number of online visits and queries. The intuitive design and detailed information have enhanced the user experience, reinforcing customer confidence and satisfaction.


Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing

Challenge: Dutra Seguros, a renowned health insurance consultancy, faced the challenge of increasing its online visibility and strengthening its relationship with the public. The mission for Quatro Rios was to develop an integrated social media and content marketing strategy that would educate, engage and build a community around the brand.

Solution: With our vast experience in digital strategies, Quatro Rios outlined a comprehensive plan to highlight Dutra Seguros in the digital environment.

Results: The social media and content marketing strategy resulted in a significant increase in Dutra Seguros' online presence. Engagement on social networks increased significantly, and traffic to the site from the "Dutra Saúde Blog" exceeded expectations, generating qualified leads and boosting business.

Endomarketing strategy for Porthos International

Challenge: Dutra Seguros, a company specializing in health insurance consultancy, saw the need to strengthen the organizational culture and promote a more unified and engaged work environment. We were therefore tasked with developing an endomarketing strategy that would boost motivation, internal communication and employee satisfaction.

Solution: Armed with expertise in endomarketing strategies, the Quatro Rios team drew up a comprehensive plan aimed at boosting team morale and strengthening Dutra Seguros' values internally.